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Construction Technologies
AUGUST 6, 2018 / MODIFIED AUG 23, 2018 11:51 AM

Students in the Construction Technology program participate in the planning, design, and completion of a wide range of building projects. Students learn how to use precision measuring instruments, establish building lines, determine site and elevations, and record site layout data. Students acquire a mastery in concrete/masonry work and the layout and installation floor systems, wall and ceiling frames, roofs, exterior finishes, doors and windows, trim and stairs, piping, waste and vent distribution systems, and electrical components.

Students in the program have worked on numerous projects including those for Habitat for Humanity, school district buildings, cargotecture, disaster relief recovery, and more. ​Last year, students at STAR Academic High School were recognized for their volunteer work after Hurricane Harvey, "Local JTED students are spending fall break helping victims of Hurricane Harvey" (Arizona Daily Star, 07/23/2017).



Located in the Alan L. Storm Center at Star Academic High School, Construction Technologies is a Pima JTED Program. Students may attend classes M- F at during the Star school day or after school on M/W from 4:00 - 6:30.

High School: 
Star Academic High School

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