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Cherry Avenue Neighborhood Association

Contact Us

Barbara Bacchus – President

Cheryl Strickland​ – Vice President

Sherry Jacobs – Secretary

Neighborhood Boundaries

North: Irvington (South Side)
East: Tucson / Campbell
West: Park Avenue
South: Drexel (North Side)

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April 22, 2017 Meeting Minutes - Cherry Avenue Neighborhood

Cherry Avenue Neighborhood Association
April 22, 2017
 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:17 am.

President Cheryl Strickland said she had hoped more people would attend. She had asked Sunnyside School District to send an announcement about the meeting but the school district was on break and she wasn’t sure if it had been done.  She said that Sue had resigned as Vice President and that Barbara Bacchus needed to be voted in in that position.  By a show of hands, there were 7 “yes” votes and no objection. 

The minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.  

Treasurer’s Report

Sherry reported Amber turned over a notebook and $194.40 in the treasury and that Cheryl told her there was $15 donated at meetings in 2016, making a total of $209.40 in the treasury as of today. She said in going through the notebook she learned that when CANA was founded in 2006 an anonymous donation was made of $200. Since then, a gift from CANA was made to the Tucson Police Foundation, and other funds had come in from 50/50 raffles and from donations at meetings.  She said she is trying to piece together details of income and outgo of funds and at this time does not have a clear picture to report and perhaps co-founder Robin could help her with this.  (Upon receiving the 2016 donations from Cheryl, the dollar amount was $14 and Cheryl agreed that was the amount she had, making the treasury amount $208.40.)

Presentation by Tucson Police Department

Cheryl spoke about the upcoming proposal to raise tax, saying it will help the Tucson Police Department purchase vehicles.  Lt. Greg Roberts said that the tax will help both the police and fire departments.  The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge has a group (or is a group) that will make sure the funds are spent correctly. 

Q: There was a watch group a few years ago for the alarm systems – did that money go to where they said it would?
A: As far as we know, yes. We have a group to watch alarms. 

TPD: The proposal to raise tax will pay for a new substation for Operations Division South. It is the only substation that doesn’t have a public meeting room. The Division will work out of the impound lot until the new station is built for both the police and fire.  There was discussion of the purpose of the impound lot and what amount of space will be available to use during construction.

Q: How long will it take to build?
A: It will take some time – the first thing that will need to be done is the architectural planning, etc.

Q: Is the proposed tax temporary?
A: It is for 5 years and can be voted on again after that.

Crime Statistics for the CANA area: there were 4 forced-entry burglaries within 6 weeks.  Be sure to lock up your pain prescription pills. Burglars target the elderly because they think they have pain pills. 

Q: I only have blood pressure medicine.
A: Thieves don’t read the labels of the medicine they steal, and the people that purchase pills from thieves are unwise as to what they are paying for.

Comment: Arizona Poison Control and some of the pharmacies have a brochure of what pills look like.

Comment: my neighbor was asleep when someone came and kicked in the screen door but my neighbor was able to scare them away. 

Q: Is that an unsuccessful forced-entry? 
A: That would probably be considered a home invasion. Get a peep-hole, they are relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to install.

Lt. Roberts said he has seen purses left in cars in the grocery store parking lot and has also seen purses left in shopping carts when the shopper is several feet away from the cart.  Protect yourself AND your property!

Comment: Talk to your neighbors so that we can help the TPD.  I was out longer than usual one day and my neighbors thought I was lost and called the police about my absence and when I got home TPD was at my house to begin a search for me.  Thank you neighbors and TPD! 

Presentation from Ward 5 Office

Lupita Robles had copies of the monthly newsletter to give out. She said regarding Proposition 101, if the half-cent sales tax proposed passes, it is expected to cost each person about $3 and is expected to bring in about $150 million for public safety and about $100 million for roads.  The voting will be done by mail, and everyone will receive a ballot in the mail.  It is a single-issue ballot.  The roads department has a citizen committee that will work on reconstructing and resurfacing roads. (Lupita handed out a map that the committee developed of streets to be worked on and said more streets can be added if funds roll-over.) Tucson citizens get to vote on this proposition, whereas Marana and Oro Valley city councils vote about their city concerns.  

Q: Is it a sales tax?
A: Yes.

Q: I thought we would get money from the City of Tucson.
A: Other neighborhood associations have received funds but you’ll need to contact the Neighborhood Associations division at the City of Tucson.

Attached to the newsletter is a form for reporting potholes, or you can go online to report them (tdotsr@tucsonaz.gov) or send email to the Ward 5 Office.

Q: My back yard faces the arroyo on Fremont and the alley is dirt. We can’t enjoy our back yard because of all the dirt stirred up all the time from traffic and also during trash pickup.  Can the alley be paved?
A: Have several neighbors call/write the Office and tell Mr. Fimbres that this is affecting their health.  He will forward to Department of Transportation and to Environmental Services.  

The Tucson Marketplace is still building.


Robin Guerin said that she is now an Ambassador at the Pima Council on Aging and will have a phone number people can use to ask for help.  Also, she had invited several neighbors to come to today’s meeting and will be following up with them about why they are not here. She suggested that small groups should meet in private homes to discuss the neighborhood and ways to work for its benefit. 

Maureen: How can renters be contacted and told about these CANA meetings?

Cheryl said that Verde Meadows homeowners cannot (or do not want to?) receive information about CANA.

Should we ask the Food Bank to come and speak about their services? The vote is yes.

Should we support a charity? (much cross-talk that I couldn’t keep up with and wasn’t able to get down in my notes except that Maureen suggested the Food Bank)

Should we have a 50/50 raffle each month with a winner drawn in December?  The vote was we will try.


The next CANA meeting is June 17.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.

UPDATED FEB 20, 2018 10:55 AM