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Employee Content

(NEW) Employee Content replaces Sunnyside Online (SOL)

As of December 7, 2017, SOL is no longer used to access employee content such as forms, reports, or internal documents. Employee Content can now be accessed on the main SUSD website under each corresponding Department page.

IMPORTANT: Employee Content access requires website authentication.

The following resource explains:

  1. How to login to the website.
  2. How to populate/complete and Edit your Employee Profile.
  3. How to access "Employee Content" throughout the entire site.

How to Log-in, Access Employee Content and Complete your Employee Profile.


Using a Desktop Computer —
Located above the search field and social media links in the header section of the website is an Orange button labeled "Employee Content | Log in".

Using a Mobile Device —
Located below the search field in the navigation menu screen is an Orange button labeled "Employee Content | Log in".

  1. Click on the "Employee Content | Log in" button.
    • (An Orange Log in window will appear)
  2. Enter your Domian Username and Password
    • (This is the same log in as your District Google Mail)
  3. Once you are logged in, your name will display inside the Orange Button.
    • Steps 4-6 apply only for new users who have missing information in their profile.
  4. If your profile has missing information, you will see another Orange Window titled "Incomplete Profile".
    • (This window cannot be closed and will not disappear unless the indicated fields are filled in the profile window.)
  5. Click on ANY of the listed fields to access the profile edit page.
    To avoid incomplete profile pop-ups, please fill out entire profile including:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Profile Picture (Optional) - HEADSHOTS ONLY, No cartoons or Icons please.
    • Job Title
    • Location (Select a Location from the drop-down, if your Location is not listed, please select "other" and enter a Location)
    • Department (Select a Department from the drop-down, if your Department is not listed, please select "other" and enter a Department)
    • Phone Number (Only SUSD numbers please. This Info will be displayed publicaly)
  6. Once complete, Click "Save".

Will all the fields entered corrected and saved, you will now be redirected to the website's front page and the "Incomplete Profile" window will be gone. If the pop-up window is still visible, please repeat steps 5-6.


How to Access Employee Content: 

To access to the Department's Employee Content simply click on the:
(Employee Content Symbol Employee Content Available, click here to login.) link, located on each Department Page (When Available).

This will display the User Log In window requiring authentication as indicated in Steps 1-3 of the "How to log in to the website" section above.

How to Edit/Update your Profile

You may edit or update your profile at any time. There are two ways to access the "Edit Profile" page.

After logging in:

  1. Search for your profile on the Staff Directory page, then click on the "Edit Profile" link.
  2. Click on YOUR NAME displayed in the Orange Button inside the Header Section.

If you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact us at 545-2086.

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