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School buses may not be used for purposes other than transporting pupils to and from school without permission of the Board. 

The Superintendent is authorized to arrange educational and athletic trips for students outside the District without obtaining Board approval. 

Field Trips 

Field trips must be planned within the context of the school program and must be appropriate for the age level, grade level, and curriculum. Due to limitations imposed by local conditions, field trips may be limited by the Superintendent. All field trips must be specifically approved by the Superintendent long enough in advance so that arrangements can be made prior to the trip. Before any child is taken from the school grounds on a field trip, written permission must be obtained from the parents or legal guardians. Transportation shall be provided only by District-approved conveyances operated by authorized personnel. 

In general, field trips shall be limited to a distance of not more than one hundred fifty (150) miles one way from the school, and shall be conducted within the normal school day. Field trips that are not a part of the stated curriculum, overnight field trips, or field trips beyond one hundred fifty (150) miles distance from the school must have Governing Board approval. 

The District will not sponsor, approve, support, or encourage field trips not meeting the criteria outlined in this policy, unless the Board gives approval after a presentation justifying the specific need for the exception. 

Other Student Trips or Excursions 

Trips or excursions by co-curricular groups such as nonleague athletic trips, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), et cetera, shall require approval by the Board if: 

  • The trip is out of state. 
  • The trip is overnight. 
  • Funds other than activity funds are needed (e.g., driver's salary). 

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