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Public Information

Phone: (520) 545-2086
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Public Records

The SUSD Governing Board recognizes the right of the public to information concerning its actions, its policies, and the details of its educational and business operations. Public records of the district will be open for inspection by any person as provided by law.

  • Submit the form in person or email to MariselaFelix@susd12.org
  • Once the documents are prepared, the Office of Public Information will contact you.
  • Please arrange a date and time with the public Information Office to pick up the documents.
  • There is a $.35 (thirty-five cents) per page charge for all documents. The District can accept cash or cashier’s check.

For more information on Public Records Requests, please see Policy KDB and KDB-R at this link

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District Branding

For a complete and current list of SUSD Logos, Colors, and Fonts please see our District Branding page. Feel free to download and include them in your next design project. Click here to download our Quick Brand Guide.

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